Hot Celebrity Breakup!
August 14, 2019 Comments..0

Two famous celebrities have it all! They have the Ferrari, the Rolls Royce, the big opulent mansion, the wine cellar, the servants, and all of the amenities. What more could you ask for? But, it’s a cold mansion. The “hot” celebrities are busy performing in different countries. The only time they hook up is once a month when one flies to visit the other one while they’re performing on stage. I can’t imagine how must distrust there is when two celebrities are apart for such a long time. You would have to really have a lot of trust for the other party in a situation like this. Oh, and then there is the paparazzi, and the tabloids to shed more doubt on their relationship. How the media scrutinizes their every move. How can they have a private peaceful life?

While they are on stage performing what must go through their mind.
While they are on stage they have the audience clapping for their perfect performance. Their egos all pumped up. Feeling like they can’t do any wrong. Then there are the celebrity followers that follow them to all of their performances. All the temptation that is out there. The cold and lonely nights on the road often take their toll. Both celebrities try to stay in contact as much as they can via the telephone or texting, but it’s never quite enough. Where’s the home life? Where’s the feeling of security? Are they a real family? Celebrities are out there on their own. It can be a lonely life and a hard way to go.

Then there’s the phone call out of the blue. On the other end of the phone is a light quivering voice. I’ve met someone else. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen. You know I still love you, but it’s not easy being on the road all the time. It just happened. Just happened you say? How could this happen? I don’t get it. I gave you everything, or did I?

You know there’s more to a family than just material possessions. People think just because you have a lot of money that you will have all the happiness in the world, but this just isn’t true. A home and family is what you make of it. A home and family is some place where you can just come home and be yourself.

You can share things, and do things together. It’s some place where you feel comfortable. When you have a real home and family, you feel much love and a sense of belonging.

So, in summary, you can have a big mansion, all kinds of sports cars, and money, but still not have a real family, or home.

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