Expendables Film Review
August 14, 2019 Comments..0

Lionsgate recently distributed fabiosa.com their star-studded hardcore action flick branded ” The Expendables” into theaters a while back. I just watched it, and I thought it thoroughly delivered in the action/explosion department.

They totally came out with all guns a blazing in this one. It stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, David Zayas, Giselle Itie, Charisma Carpenter, Gary Daniels, Terry Crews, and Mickey Rourke.

“The Expendables” centered around a fella named Barney Ross and his all-star batch of trained, certified soldiers.
They take on an overseas assignment that ends up going wrong as they realize the data they were given wasn’t 100 % upfront and legitimate.

They eventually choose to bail on the assignment.
However, after an ex-team member assaults them, and Barney’s compassion for a female they left behind over there takes over, they make the decision to go back and just basically torch the whole entire place, the evil men maintaining it, and spare the beautiful foreign gal.

The flick displayed a big action fight between Gunner and Ying Yang (Jet Li), a pile of men getting killed in an all out gun fight, a big altercation with former WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin who portrayed character Paine, and more. The flick finished with a huge banging finale that involved a whole lot of explosions, combating, and more shootouts. The flick just showcased true, serious action in its rawest form.

I believed the flick was quite entertaining. It didn’t have the most authentic premise, but it was enough for me. There was never a mundane moment as it moved along at a pretty quick pace, and it also featured a bit of comedy as well. Sylvester Stallone did a good job, and still looked to be in impressive physical shape.

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