Choosing Roses – The Top Five Roses Named After Famous People
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If you are deciding which varieties of roses to plant in your garden, why not choose one named after your favorite celebrity? There are literally hundreds of roses named after famous people. Here are five unique rose varieties named after celebrities…

Presidential Roses

In the 1950’s, the trend of naming roses after heads of state took hold with the introduction of the Queen Elizabeth. This rose is still extremely popular and widely available.

In the ensuing years, numerous roses have been named after U.S. presidents.
Perhaps the most popular and enduring is Mr. Lincoln, a vibrant red colored beauty with a citrus scent. There is also the General Washington and a variety named after the 32nd president, Franklin Roosevelt. All told, thirteen presidential roses have been introduced, and several for first ladies.

Movie Stars

As you might expect, another popular category of roses is those named after movie stars. This trend started fifty years ago and continues to this day. While many of the earliest varieties are no longer available, there is still enough Hollywood glitter available to sparkle in your garden.

Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Marilyn Monroe are just a few movie stars who have varieties named in their honor.

Fictional Characters

One of the most enduring and popular roses is Frankly Scarlet, named after the famed Gone With The Wind character. It is, not surprisingly, a deep scarlet red. Conversely, there is a variety called Snow White which is one of the purest white colors available.
Together they provide a gorgeous striking contrast in a garden.


In addition to the Queen Elizabeth, other royalty also have rose varieties named in their honor. One of the best known is the Princesse de Monaco, a hybrid tea beauty that is white with pink edges.

Another extremely popular choice is the Princess Diana, another hybrid tea that is a blend of soft pink colors.


Last but not least, there are the singers. Many years ago, Bing Crosby had a rose named after him, not only for his cultural popularity but the fact that he was an avid gardener. In the present day, Barbra Streisand, LeeAnn Rimes, and Dolly Parton are just three of several popular singers who are honored with a rose.


You can literally adorn your garden with roses named after famous people. Whether it is a movie star, singer, or president, your garden can sparkle like royalty and shine like Hollywood.

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