Are You Stuck in a Hair Rut?
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I am envious of people who are hair chameleons. I have friends who have a different hair colour or style every month and I envy them because I think of them as very brave. I have had the same hairstyle for five years (although calling it a “style” seems unfair as it is totally lacking any styling). My hair is thick and long, and in my opinion just outright boring. I constantly flick through magazines and see celebrities with their perfectly shiny and lustrous hair. So what makes us so different from them? My first theory on that is the effort involved in having great looking hair. I know that my hair looks awesome when it?s curled but I very rarely take the hour and a half to do it. The thing is though?having good hair feels awesome.
Nothing compares to that fresh feeling you get when you leave a salon when you know that your hair looks like a million bucks. Your hair feels so silky and luxurious; it has movement and body. Every time even a slight breeze blows, you get a pleasing whiff of flowers or fruit. It is a wonderful feeling. If you, similar to me, have had the same boring hairstyle, colour, and cut for way too far long, then it is time to consider some options for getting out of the hair rut you are in.

Choosing a New Cut for Your Hair

If your hair is very long and you just aren’t brave enough to have it cut off into a shorter style, think about this: at the worst, you may think it looks terrible but that is irrelevant because nowadays you can buy hair extensions that look just like your real hair. One solution is to start out small; have a little hair cut over a series of hairdresser visits until you reach a length that feels comfortable to you. Everyone benefits from a change now and then. Show your hairdresser pictures of celebrity cuts and styles you like, and ask which ones work well with your complexion and the shape of your face.

A Change in Hair Colour

One trend that has become super popular in recent years is Balayage, and it will be sticking around for a long time to come. There are several variations of Balayage, and it seems there is a version to suit everybody. Do you know what Balayage is? Balayage is a French colouring technique that came about in the 70s. Colour is applied by hand by your hairdresser instead of by way of traditional foils or a painful experience with a highlighting cap. It can be used on any hair length and the colours vary. It is ultra fashionable and produces a look that is multi faceted and gives the illusion of having sun kissed hair. It is a relatively low maintenance style as you don?t need to go back to the hairdresser to get it touched up or get your roots fixed. It looks a bit messy but it is a deliberate stylistic choice so you can get away with it! You can also choose to have natural looking highlights or colours that contrast each other and look a bit rock-n-roll. Once again, pick out some pictures out of magazines that you like and take them with you.


We are lucky enough to live in a time when options are endless. You don?t even need to get your hair cut if you want a fringe anymore.
You can buy fringes to match your hair colour that are made from genuine human hair. You can buy all types of fringes: blunt, wispy or side-parted. You can rest assured there is at least one style available that will suit you. The good thing about it is that you can have a different look for the work week and a different look for the weekend. I find having a fringe to be a pain when you want to go to the gym or play sports so having a detachable fringe is perfect.

Hey folks, you know what? When all is said and done, it is only hair and it will grow back, so why not live a little? Have some fun and get out of your hair rut!

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