10 things we do in face care wrong
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10 things we do in face care wrong

From the cleaning up to the right cream – here’s how! Who wants to take care of his face properly, one must consider a few important things. You like your chilled drinking water prefer still or sparkling? Or medium?

In the case of the GROHE water systems, you have a choice. Fresh water, matched exactly to your taste for perfect refreshment. Many people dream of a flawless complexion, but commit regularly Beauty sins.

IN the Worst has been debunked and know how to handle it in the future … On dirty make-up utensils bacteria feel right at home, therefore, you are one of the biggest causes of impure skin. How often you need to insert a cleaning day for brush and co., which depends on the type of use. Basically, you should be eyeshadows but powder, and blush brush clean all four weeks . Foundation brush, Makeup sponge and beauty blender: every two weeks . By the way: Smartphones and sunglasses bacteria transport in the face, if they are not disinfected time and again.

Our skin follows a cycle of approximately 28 days, in which new skin cells form and a new cream can unfold their effect only after a complete. So don’t be too impatient, and the new maintenance time. If you are reaching too hasty a new product, risking überpflegte, stressed-out skin and irritation.

If you set the water to warm, you risk that the natural protective film of the skin is damaged. Conclusion: The skin is always dry and prone to eczema and inflammation. Therefore, prefer only about 32-38 degrees showers and not longer than five to ten minutes . After a long night with Make-up in the pillow, because you are so incredibly tired?

We just want to be hate to be the spoilsport, but don’t abzuschminken is one of the worst Beauty sins at all. Foundation and powder can clog the pores, causing pimples and facial tissue muffle the probability for fast skin increase aging because of free radicals and the skin can damage. Tip: Simply place a cotton pad and a micellar water on the bedside table, the coarsest dirt is at least, in the Lie, quickly remove. Depending on the type of skin’s own protective cells of the skin to apply different until the sun sets in a fire.

The brightest, for example, has only about 10 minutes of self-protection, until the skin reddens. And that can happen quickly during a spring walk. Therefore, a UV-protection , as soon as you happen to be in the sunshine for longer outside. In the summer vacation at the beach, of course!

Because The skin remembers everything, and acknowledged to unprotected sun with early wrinkles and Hyper-pigmentation. Much, much helps? Here is exactly the wrong measure!

Who is ground with emery on his face more often than two Times a week with peels, the risk that the skin gets out of Balance. As in all things, applies also here: The correct measure is the one! Once a week to remove dead skin remove dead skin cells. Sensitive at best to mild variants, such as the “Hydrabio Gommage exfoliating cream” of Bioderma (approximately 12 Euro).

We touch so many different surfaces and even in the case of assiduous hand washing many germs and bacteria on the fingers can still end up in our face. Therefore: do Not often touch the face, and if it’s not really anything else, and a pimple needs to disappear immediately, and then advance the hands, disinfect the area with steam, soften, and with two cosmetic wipes, gently squeeze. Colloquially they are called “flight attendants disease”, technically it means periodale Dermatitis. An annoying rash that can occur due to excessive and wrong use of cosmetics. So as not to overwhelm the skin, never too many creams, masks and serums to try.

So you know what kind of care fits in to, you can in many pharmacies, a quick skin analysis. it has been skin problems due to the many Test, immediately all gone, and a skin care line for sensitive skin use. Similar to the hands, the neck and neck betray our true age and in need of special care. Why? The skin in these areas is much thinner, under skin fat tissue and sebaceous glands are hardly available.

Lioness Bahati inspired the Therefore, the game needs rich special care . For the Beauty Routine therefore, in the future, always with cream, or a mask application. Dead skin cells, makeup residue, sweat and bacteria accumulate quickly in the warm, moist climate of our beds. Therefore, the best every 14 days, the sheets change . Towels should be more often, in fact, be replaced after two to three uses. Like OK! in the case of Facebook and don’t miss Star-News

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